What does coming home feel like?


Living in Brooklyn for the last year and a half has been an incredible experience and something I will keep close to me and always look back on warmly. Being hundreds of miles away from friends and family isn’t easy, but it has made visits home feel all the more special.

I spent this last Friday night with some of my closest girlfriends–friends from kindergarten, middle school and high school. These were definitely some of our coolest years, captured so perfectly by this site.

And while so much has happened within our group: marriages, babies, losses, home purchases, job changes–my friend Monica said it best: “So much has changed, but then so much hasn’t.”

And it’s true!

That’s what coming home has become for me–a reminder of how rapidly change occurs, though there are so many constants that keep us bonded together.

A couple constants: couches, comfortable clothes, and delicious drinks.  (They were made just like this one from The Yummy Life!) We’ve also added my friend Courtney’s adorable son, Lucas, who we all spent the night squeezing.


If you’re interested, The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant is a wonderful story about what home means to a young Jewish girl growing up in the North End during the early 20th century. It’s sincere, witty, and one that I couldn’t put down. What resonated with me was Diamant’s ability to develop the increasingly complex role home and family played throughout the stages of main character Addie Baum’s life.

Thanks so much for reading!





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