The best happy hour in Brooklyn!

I know where you can find the most amazing happy hour in Brooklyn.



That above picture isn’t a mistake. The deal isn’t on booze and fried food, but pastries! I had to share that (as far as I know) two shops, Saraghina in Bed-Stuy and Stocked in Prospect Heights are offering half off all their baked goods. Saraghina offers half off from 5-8 Monday-Friday and Stocked offers half off for the last hour they’re open during the week.

It’s a funny story, since I was having lunch with my friend and teacher extraordinaire, Julie Miller, at Stocked today. While I was drooling over the crème and brown butter scones in the glass case on the counter, the cashier over heard me telling Julie about Saraghina’s new deal. The cashier disappeared out back, returned, and shared that they are now getting in on the action, too.

You’re welcome, Brooklyn!

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