My Best Friend’s Gift for Interior Design

Happy Sunday!

My best friend Monica and her husband James bought their first house a few years ago, and since then have gradually transformed it into a home that is uniquely theirs. It’s not surprising to discover that anyone who sees Mon’s photos is dying in stealing her design ideas (or maybe just her design style, period). I am no professional, only an addict of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, but here’s what I believe Mon accomplishes that makes her decorating so appealing to so many people.

She combines four things: color, texture, height, and shape and always marries them–allowing them to all belong in the same space. I think the first picture you’ll see below is a really good example! For more inspiration, I thought I’d share some of her most recent interior decorating choices that are fresh, clean, and just the push spring needs to finally get here and stay here! Enjoy!



Antique hutch from Cottage Chic in Hampton Falls, NH.


Floral wreath from Home Goods. Looking for something similar?

Brick painted in Behr Flat White



 Try using English ivy for a pop of natural, green color


Dining room chairs from Home Goods. Looking for something similar?


Light blue center vase from Pier 1 Imports. Looking for something similar?

Follow Mon on Instagram at @mrwojtas for more pictures and transformations using classic, fool-proof touches like twinkly lights, white paint, and greenery.

Looking for more inspiration to spark the decorator inside you? If you know me, you know I talk about the blog Cup of Jo on an excessive basis (thank you Courtney Pitta for telling me about her years ago!). This is probably because the creator, Joanna Goddard, was the first blogger who showed me that great writing can belong in this newer realm of communication. Among other things, she frequently shares home tours and makeovers from around the country.

I love this one and this one.

Thanks so much for reading!


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