It’s been a minute, so hello again!

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When I think back on what was going on in my life in April 2016, I think of the following words: unsure and unemployed, but also thankful.

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know I left my teaching job in Brooklyn, NY that winter of 2016. Though I never really disclosed why here, if any teachers out there are reading, I know you get the sense of borderline martyrdom that is naturally a part of the profession, and that trying to sustain that level of sacrifice, excellence and energy can really backfire.

Suddenly having all that free time was all at once liberating but also…weird. If you’re like me, “relaxing” is a skill that I have to work on almost every day. Gone are the anxiety-free days of loafing around on the couch all weekend, being a blissfully inactive member of society. Now I have to actually practice quieting my mind, and some days my thoughts race more chaotically than others. The other morning I practiced this mindful meditation three times in a row and it helped me breathe easier.

To balance out my newfound love-hate relationship with unemployment, I began freelance writing for a family friend’s Boston-based career-mentoring platform CampusTap. Here’a a peek at one of my pieces, if you’re interested! I  had no clue what I was doing, really, I just knew I loved education and any way to help young people discover, pursue, and achieve their dreams and aspirations. I was so appreciative and honestly, a little surprised, to be given the chance to try something new in such a public way.

That summer, Mike and I packed up our Bed-Stuy apartment with my parents, and drove the five hours back to New Hampshire, where we would live with them up until this past September.

We stayed so long because we were busy planning our wedding, getting married, and buying our first house! I told you it’s hard for me to relax.

Below are some pictures of our engagement in Bar Harbor, Maine and our wedding, if you’d like to see! We’ll be married one year next Sunday!


So much ugly crying, but they were the happiest tears I’ve ever cried!





To be surrounded by all the most important and special people in our lives, celebrating together with so much joy I could have burst, was something I will never ever forget.

P.S. If you live in the New England area and are looking for an incredible wedding videographer, I can’t say enough amazing things about John Goldsmith. He even went as far as to send us a blooper reel which we loved just as much as the actual video. The full one is below! (I’ve only watched it 500 times.)

Perrotta Wedding

This past year Mike and I bought our first home in the town where I grew up and I’m back in the classroom teaching full time–things feel like they’re in place and I’m looking forward to saying hi here more through the summer and fall!

Thanks so much for reading!

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