5 Things I’m Loving This Summer

The new school year is getting closer and closer, but like most teachers, I’m hanging onto everything “summer” real tight. Here are five things that I’ve been loving!

Tassles and fringe everything: Fun, colorful and whimsical while still being work appropriate. Next to nautical stripes, these are my favorite summer styles.





Top is 60% off at JCrew Factory!; Fringe sandals from Target; Dainty tassle hoops from Madewell.–on sale in green!

Wicker: I love the warmth, casualness and versatility of wicker in any color. 

Similar baskets; Placemats similar to the ones I snagged at Pier 1 on clearance! They’re stiff but pliable, so I’ll be using them in the guest room as wall decor; I used Leg Go to find this wicker set for the porch. I highly recommend trying it out!; Pineapple rug is from Christmas Tree Shoppe.

Paper decorations: So many styles! I love how easy these are to hang and they’re light enough that Scotch tape holds them up in the humidity out on the porch. The little lime, lemon and watermelon set also came with mini pineapples that I want to hang in my classroom.

Paper Love party fans; Floral party garland; Similar watermelon garland

Dry rose: There are few things more summer than a crisp, chilled glass of light pink rose. This article by Refinery29 supports my  best friend Monica’s opinion that Trader Joe’s rose is some of the best she’s ever had. Have you tried it??

String lights–How cute are these little guys! They’ll be joining the paper decor out on the porch soon. I love them because they’re battery operated so there’s no need to hunt for outlets or hiding clunky extension cords.


Flamingo string lights from Walmart.

What have been your most inspiring or beloved things this summer? Thanks so much for reading!



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