The Countdown is On…

…to the first day of a new school year!

countdown GIF

I hope you’re having a great weekend! My first day back at school is August 7th for PD, then my new freshies will start orientation the following week. I’m so excited to begin sharing my resources with you on my Teachers Pay Teachers page: Cobbleandbrickclassroom.  I just posted my current first day of ELA student packet that you can download for free and edit to fit your own style and inspiration! What I love most about this lesson: the students’ voices really shine. Check it out if you’re interested and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!


What’s the sign of a great first day of high school ELA class? More student voice than teacher voice! This is an engaging way to welcome students to high school English by inviting them to show off their pre-existing knowledge about key values like perseverance and courage! This Word doc is editable to fit your class’ style and needs. Have fun!

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