An Important Reminder

Ted talk.PNG

Have you seen this TedTalk with Luvvie Ajaji? She’s an author and self-proclaimed “professional troublemaker” who spoke on the platform back in November of last year about being a “domino” of change by speaking “thoughtful truths”, especially when there are few others who will take the risk.

Being a “domino” sounds a little scary.

But she also said something that really resonated with me: “In a world that wants us to walk around as representatives of ourselves, being yourself can be a revolutionary act.”

Last year I focused on getting comfortable being uncomfortable. This year I want to come back to these words from Ajaji and the reminder that we can all be “dominoes” just by being who we are. We are likely doing powerful things without even realizing it, and that’s a pretty good feeling. If anyone needed a reminder of how much they have to offer the world, I hope you’ve found it here today.

As always, thanks for reading.

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