Our Bar Harbor Trip!


Hi! I haven’t been able to check in much here since the school year officially started two weeks ago but I knew all along what I wanted my first post back to be about!


Two of my dearest friends got married in Bar Harbor on Thursday, and it was so completely beautiful. There is something impossible to put my finger on about this town. My dad described it as “untouched”, and I think that’s exactly right. I’m sharing some photos here, as well as some of my favorite details from the trip.


The Stone House where Michaela and Sailo exchanged vows and where we danced the night away!

The Stone House peeking through behind our hotel. And a wine close up, obviously.


Post-wine, walking up to the outdoor ceremony overlooking Fisherman’s Bay.


Squeezed in a selfie with this guy before the bride came down the aisle ❤ The officiant  asked that guests keep the ceremony unplugged, which I thought was a sweet way to keep everyone truly present.

The wedding was open bar. Dress is from JCrew.


On Friday, Mike, my parents, and I spent some time strolling and exploring together since they’d never been. Fun fact: these brightly colored buoys are identifying markers for lobster fishermen who can have as many as 700 lobster traps in the water at a time! They look like Skittles in the open water.


Along the shore of the island is a walking path that was once a vibrant social scene for some of America’s most elite families to size each other up during the early 20th century. Families like the Astors and Rockefellers wanted to experience nature without, well, touching it and getting dirty. Now there are “cottages” like the Balance Rock Inn all along the walking path.


Today the sun rose at 5:48 and I’m lucky to have seen it from such a magical spot.


Below are few other favorite things from the trip! As always, thank you so much for reading!

Appetizer (to share or not to share): The jumbo soft pretzel with beer cheese and honey mustard from The Bar Harbor Beer Works.

Ice cream: The fresh blueberry soft serve from CJ’s Big Dipper. Get it with rainbow sprinkles. Mike called it a “party in my mouth.”

Coffee: The cappuccino from Paddy’s . It comes with a brown sugar candy stick for stirring and a chocolate coated biscotto cookie. If you sit outside on the front patio, there’s a great view of the bay!

Food outside: Sit on the deck at Stewman’s Lobster Pound. Get the limeade and steak salad because it comes with crispy, fried, shoestring onions on top.

Site seeing by boat: I’ve done the Acadian Nature Tour twice now and it hasn’t disappointed. They run every few hours and are reasonably priced. It’s an awesome way to see a ton of the island and get great insight to its history. Plus, you’re likely to spot multiple bald eagles, seals, and porpoises!

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