The Brimfield Antique Show Fall 2018

Have you heard of the Brimfield Antique Show? It’s been on Flea Market Flip on HGTV and definitely worth the visit!


Miles and miles and miles of vendors. TIP: Park at the VERY beginning of the fair and just walk it. Otherwise, you’re sitting in this line trying not to hit pedestrians running across the street with reckless abandon.


This massive outdoor antique fair happens a few times a year–in the fall, spring, and summer–and each time draws nearly 5,000 vendors from all over the country. I made the trip with my mom this past Saturday and I’m excited to share some sweet findings and where you can get them, too!

Lynn Michelle Design from Hartville, OH.

I met Lynn at her booth, which I was drawn to because of these awesome wood flowers…




…and her coffee mugs! Haha!


I didn’t spot her flowers on her Etsy account–but reach out to her if you’re interested!

The Reclaimed Charm from Lawrence, MA


I loved these chargers! They’re stacked and made from reclaimed wood so they give height and texture. I bought four and set them up at home today!


The Free Yankee from Whitefield, NH


So. Many. Signs ❤

Risa King from The Collected Home was also so sweet!


Neutrals are my go-to, but these plates and bowls add such a vibrant pop of color!


I don’t even know what that poof thing is above the bed but I need it. All of her bedding was linen–so airy and fresh!

Fresh greens and galvanized planters and were everywhere at Brimfield.


And so many simple, cool, re-purposing ideas!


And maybe the best part of the day was that I had my first apple cider donut of the year from Faddy’s Donuts and Ice cream. 


Fall was in the air and I think I’m ready for it now! Never mind it’s supposed to be 80 degrees in southern NH this week. Have you been to Brimfield before? What was your favorite find? Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

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