Girls’ Night Menu and Fall Decorating!


Last Saturday night I hosted a little girls’ night at my house! Our schedules are so busy these days that it’s gotten trickier to get together often, but I am so thankful for these friendships–most of which are two decades in the making. Below is what we ate and drank, plus some fall decor ideas. Thanks for reading!


Do you follow Cup of Jo? If not yet, I highly recommend it! She and her team cover everything from motherhood to fashion to food to politics with an honest and compassionate approach. A while back, a contributing writer on the blog named Lexi Mainland posted this article about an awesome party appetizer…

Tater Tots for Entertaining


Who doesn’t love these things? I decided to add them to the girls’ night menu with some ketchup, honey mustard, and spicy mayo.


Once I was on the childhood path, I also added English muffin pizzas to the mix!

I made some pizzas with veggies, some with chicken, and some with just cheese. Paired with lots of wine, rose, and prosecco, this menu symbolized what it means to be in our 30s!

Below are some more fall decorating photos, if you’re interested!


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