Our Weekend in Stowe, Vermont

Have you ever visited New England in the fall?


Mike and I just got home from our friends Ashley and Greg’s beautiful wedding weekend up in Stowe, Vermont. Below are some pictures and details from our trip if you’d like to read on!


A family friend of the bride rented us their home for the weekend, tucked up here in the woods. We spent the weekend with Mike’s good friends from home who traveled as far away as California to celebrate.

Our welcome packages were so sweet! Ashley’s friend is an artist and designed all of the invitations and wedding stationary by hand. So pretty!


Those donuts didn’t last long.

On Friday we visited Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory and did a tour. I learned that the reason why their ice cream is so loaded with flavors and chunky ingredients is because Ben has a terrible sense of taste and can’t taste any of the flavors in a smooth product! They produce 300,000 pints of ice cream a DAY! We also got free samples at the end and the flavor of the day was Phish Food!


After Ben & Jerry’s we stopped to grab coffees and tea, and were surprised to discover a whiskey tasting room just on the other side of the building.


Whiskey and cold brew. Adulthood.


We had an awesome lunch at Idletyme–AND free popcorn at the bar. We also checked out the Alchemist Brewery! They give free samples of 3 different beers.


That’s a cactus juice cocktail.


Such a fun, busy day! Saturday night was the wedding, and it was unlike any other wedding I’ve been to because…


The ceremony was at 4,300 feet up where you can see a little black building! We took two gondola rides to the top and it was well worth it.


It really felt like we were up in heaven! Despite the 30 degree temperature, Ashley and Greg seemed to think of everything to make their ceremony cozy for us. The set out blankets and scarves for all the guests, and being greeted with hot apple cider was a brilliant idea. If guests wanted, they could add some bourbon or whiskey.

Something that felt unique and deeply personal about the wedding was Ashley coming down the aisle to Free Falling. At first the song was only instrumental, but then suddenly the air filled with voices singing the song live. Although we were in open air at the top of a mountain, the music created an intimate space.


Warming up at cocktail hour! Fires were lit inside and outside the venue, Stowe Mountain Lodge. I imagine how magical it is during Christmas time!


Is this what Aspen looks like?


The Mystic Wives Club

What a fun weekend! I highly recommend making a visit to Stowe this fall if you have the opportunity. Thanks so much for reading and have a restful rest of the weekend!

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