3 Tips for Creating Winter Cheer You’ll Love

Silver tub from Crate and Barrel; Plaid pillow from JoAnn’s Fabric and Crafts; Flocked tree from Walmart

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. We got our first snow in New Hampshire last week and I spy more coming in the forecast on Tuesday. This change in the weather is not my favorite, but it’s made me really excited to bring some winter and holiday warmth into my home. Today I’m sharing some ideas for decorating your home with some tips and tricks I’m learning bit by bit from my mom.

First, I want to talk about color. I am a super visual person and can be very indecisive about things that I worry will be hard to change later. I’m not always sure what I want to commit to because just when I think I’ve settled on a color scheme or style, I come across a picture on Instagram or Pinterest that’s totally different. And I’m back at square one.


Tip #1: Go to a fabric or craft store. Looking at the spools of ribbon, let the colors and textures there guide you. Ribbon looks best when it’s layered anyway, which is an indecisive person’s dream. I surprised myself when I settled on these colors since I usually stay with whites and greys:

Green ribbon (similar); Black joy ribbon; Burlap snowflake ribbon (similar)

I knew I wanted to hang garland around the doorway between the kitchen and dining room but had no clue how. I can also get impatient with finicky materials, so my mom showed me how to use basic Command hooks, push pins and some crafting wire to get the garland to stay put.

We stuck push pins into the ceiling and adhered basic Command hooks to the wall,  wrapping the flexible branches of the faux garland around it. 

The next challenge was wrapping three ribbons around the garland. Initially, I thought we’d have to string each one through separately like you see in the picture. But..

Tip #2: Stack the ribbon and roll it up.

Doing this made it much easier to manipulate the roundness of each swoop and was way faster than pulling the ribbon through individually!

I love how this turned out! And once this doorway was finished, every other decision felt easier.

Tip #3: Don’t feel married to just one design/decor style! Make one room or one major piece the “foundation” and decorate other spaces with tidbits of that. It’ll all come together!

Pre-lit wreath from HomeGoods (similar); Galvanized houses from Christmas Tree Shoppe; Galvanized bucket from Christmas Tree Shoppe (similar); Lantern lights from Bed Bath and Beyond (similar); little white house from Hearth and Hand; white bead garland from Target; everything else borrowed from my mom!

The last spot in the house I wanted to dress up for the holidays was our beautiful bar hutch given to us as a wedding gift from our friends (and my neighbor growing up, and my bridesmaid <3) Monica and James. They antiqued it and stocked the whole thing with string lights and glassware. 

I have an earlier post about Mon’s home decorating style. Check it out for bright, fresh ideas! 
Flocked stems with white bobbles and pine cones; wreath from AC Moore; white accordion houses from Target (also sold in black); 
She likes to get glammed up.

I’m really happy with how the house feels. Makes me just want to snuggle up on the couch and/or host a big party. I’m lucky to have my mom close by so I can pick her brain, borrow her stuff, and have her help me bring my ideas to life. I hope these tips are helpful to anyone else out there with lots of ideas and ambitions but needing some direction on how to make it all happen.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

1 thought on “3 Tips for Creating Winter Cheer You’ll Love”

  1. This all looks amazing! You are so talented! Can’t wait to see it in person 🙂 And so happy I finally figured out how to log in to this so I can like all your previous posts !!


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