An Easy Way to Fill That Empty Wall

Do you follow Erin over at Cotton Stem? She’s a mom of four girls living in Oklahoma and a breathe of fresh air in every sense of the phrase. She’s a friendly face with beautiful home decor ideas big and small. You have to go check her out!

When you click on her blog, you’ll see a picture these simple hoops with greenery laced around them. Scroll a bit, and here’s her tutorial for a “hoop wreath”. I saw her pictures on Instagram and needed to make my own immediately.

gallery wall wood signs farmhouse decor
Erin’s take on hoop wreaths. Obsessed. I had to make them.

Here’s what you’ll need (plus a couple things not pictured):

Hey toes.
  1. Embroidery hoops–they come in a many sizes which is awesome for all wall sizes! In fact, looking at my own wreaths right now, I think the wall needs some more!
  2. A spool of twine
  3. Green wire
  4. Little pliers like these for twisting the wire tightly and another flat-head pair to snip the twine and wire
  5. Faux flowers and/or greenery. I love lambs ear eucalyptus! You can find tons of selection at AC Moore, Michaels, JoAnn’s Fabric and Crafts, Wal-Mart, etc.
  6. Skinny nails
  7. A hammer (or whatever the heck you want to use to push the nails into the wall)

Press the greenery stems (or the stems of your largest flower choice) against the hoop wherever you like. Fasten with twine or the green wire if you like a more seamless appearance. I loved using the twine–the textured fibers hold onto those glossy stems really well. They’ve never come undone.

Once you have the greens on, the rest is so easy!

I fed the stems of the purple and white flowers through the same twine tie and fussed with them a bit til I liked how filled the hoop was and the flowers were positioned how I wanted.

I hung the hoops with more twine like you can see on the biggest hoop and rested them on nails.

Another really easy, inexpensive, low pressure DIY to freshen up any space! Of course, the greens and flowers can be swapped out seasonally with very little effort!

As always, thank you so much for reading. Come say hi any time over at @cobbleandbrick on Instagram!

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