Current Denim Favorites!

Welcome back!

Are you as obsessed with jeans as me? Finding a great pair literally makes my week and makes me want to tell the world so they can have a pair they love, too. So, if you’re also jeans obsessed, read on, because today’s post is all about my four current favorites with links to buy!

Pair #1: Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit in Partner in Crime

These jeans are 100% cotton, no-stretch, high rise with a slightly relaxed boyfriend-ish fit. They’re one of my first pairs of Levi’s and I always feel so good in them! They’re flattering and look good with flip flops, sneakers, heels–everything.

Fun fact: did you know Zappos sells jeans? Am I the only one who thought they were just a shoe company? That’s where I found my wedgies above.

Pair #2: Levi’s 711 Midrise

I found my pair randomly at Marshalls, but 711s are super easy to find everywhere from Macy’s to Kohls. This is a slight stretch to these, but they’re a good, thick material. I love wearing these with a button down tucked in or a billowy top. They hold their shape well and won’t become baggy in weird places.

Pair #3: MadewellRigid High Waist Skinny Jeans

Okay so to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to think of these jeans at first. I bought them because I couldn’t afford to keep buying Levi’s and these were on sale. The denim is thinner but still non-stretch. There’s also something about how Madewell crafts their high rise that you’re really sucked in. After a couple wears and breaking in, these are now one of my go-tos because they make my little 5’1 legs look and feel longer.

Pair #4: Abercrombie Mom Jeans in Medium Wash

Again I went and cheated on Levi’s when I came across these on Instagram. Someone had them linked on Like to Know It, and I looooved how they looked. Right away I pictured wearing them with flip flops on the beach this summer. When they came to the house I was so excited to try them and they haven’t disappointed. Again, these are high rise but more of a “mom jean”, so the crotch area (is this the right phrasing? I feel like it’s awkward but hey…) is longer. These are 100% cotton with slight stretch and have loosened up since I’ve worn them a bunch.

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