Introducing Happy Soul!

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Hi!! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here–I’ve been so busy with school and trying to survive the spring teaching freshmen but I’ve also been CONSTANTLY writing down ideas and trying to learn new things recently. My brain feels on creative overdrive and it feels so good!

I’ve been really touched and inspired by Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger podcast in particular lately that I’ve been listening in the mornings while I do my make up, drink my coffee, and it’s replaced the radio on my commute. I highly recommend it if you need some inspo in your life.

So over April break I took a drive by myself from Salem up the New Hampshire seacoast towards Portsmouth and as my brain usually does when I’m near the ocean, it started to swell with ideas about all kinds of things, but primarily: being happy, spreading happiness, and why that matters so much to me.

To my left were the mansions of Rye, palatial homes with walls of windows overlooking to ocean. Full transparency here, but I have always and probably will always feel drawn to and deeply curious about that lifestyle in some way. I’m usually wondering the weirdest things: what are people doing in there? Do they use Keurigs or pot coffee? Do they have those chrome espresso makers built into the wall? Does everyone wear Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines and know how to ride horses? What is daily life like in there?

And then to my right was the expansive, powerful, icy ocean and I felt very small but grounded and empowered. Like the ocean was there doing its thing whether anyone looked or not and I felt nudged to go ahead and do something bigger than me.

That combination of wonder and freedom to dream so wildly made my soul happy.

And so Happy Soul was born. But…

I need the idea to reach beyond me, so I came up with a way for others to spread light, and encouragement, and happiness to others. We know the world needs all it can get.

When you subscribe to Cobble&Brick you’ll receive a welcome email from me with an invitation to add your voice to this project, and the more voices the merrier! If you’re interested in purchasing a mug, please message me over at @cobbleandbrick on Instagram. I don’t have a full shop up and running YET, but there you’ll find pictures of available products and we can even chat about custom orders.

You’ll always know that Kendra sent you encouragement.
Or that Sarah is pushing you to keep going

I can’t thank you enough for being here, for reading along, and supporting me and Cobble&Brick each step of the way. I hope to see your name in my inbox soon!

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