Teacher Uniform: Back to School Capsule 1.0

A few BTS winners so far! Read on for links and similar items!

Have you guys heard of capsule wardrobes? I hadn’t until I saw Erin from Cottonstem creating hers with each season. She’d take us into dressing rooms at Old Navy, Target and other shops and show us how to capitalize on a few great staple pieces rather than spend and spend on tons of random ones. I really like the idea of purchasing clothes more intentionally (I already tend to only buy things that I can wear both at work and in my free time as it is), so I’m sharing my back to school summer/fall teaching capsule ideas with you today!

Item 1: Paper-bag pants

These are everywhere these days and in shorts form, too! I love these for their high-waist and looser fit while still looking professional and tailored. They pair well with any kind of top from a button up to a flowy tee and fit so many style personalities from classic and clean to funky and patterned. You literally can’t go wrong.

How cute is this palm leaf pattern!?
$17.99 from H&M in 8 styles.

Love this beach-vibe and grabbed myself a pair
ON SALE $41.00 from Anthropologie
Also available in petite and plus sizes
Similar to the orange pair in the picture at the top of this post.
Tons of colors available in most sizes!
$32.00 at Nordstrom Rack

Item 2: A white top

Whatever style makes you happy here, guys. Call me basic, but there’s something so timeless and easy about a white shirt that fits just right. Below are a few ideas!

Another awesome sale find from Anthropologie. I can’t wait to wear this!
Under 50 dollars
On clearance from JCrew Factory
A more casual fit–LOVE. Has buttons going up the back.
$39.00 from Nordstrom
This Lou&Grey sweater from Loft is so soft and light-weight and comes in a pretty coral and light blue, as well. This is the one pictured at the top of this post.
Currently on sale for 50% off!
$30.00 after sale.

Item 3: No-fuss dress and/or skirt

Have you ever tried on a dress or skirt and loved it but felt like it was a little high-maintenance? Maybe your bra straps just don’t stay hidden on their own or it’s a tiiiiny bit too low or sheer? We want clothes that are flattering and easy to wear without worrying about our undies showing. Is that so much to ask!?

Ugh, gorgeous. A bit more of a splurge but could transition so well into fall with a jean jacket and tall boots.
On sale for $75.00
Love the length and the more neutral tones. Great if you teach little ones and have to get down on a rug or carpet.
$30.00 on sale
Also available in petite
This is very similar to the skirt I got at Loft last week that you see in the pic at the top of this post. Seems like the only difference is the tie waist and this looks like more of a linen fabric, which I kind of prefer!
On sale $26.99

Item 4: Under-stuff tank tops

I wandered into a Uniqlo randomly one day in Brooklyn and bought the best tank top of my life. Once upon a time it was beige and now it’s a disgusting tinge of grey but let that tell you how often I wear it! This tank is stretchy, not too sheer and long enough to be tucked into pants, skirts, etc. It also doesn’t ride up, which makes it a winner if you need a tank under a dress.

The Woman Airism Camisole
Available in 7 colors

Item 4: A printed top to match lots of bottoms

Lots of sizes still available in this pretty top. Also in blue!
$30.00 on sale

All sizes still in stock
Plus sizes available
$35.00 from Modcloth
The pom-poms though ❤ The cap sleeve is so great for when it’s still 100 degrees outside and in our classrooms
Also available in white, yellow, light blue, and black print
On clearance for $21.00 from JCrew Factory

There you have back to school teacher capsule 1.0! This post took me like three extra days to finish because I kept going down the online shopping rabbit hole; hopefully there’s something here that feels like you! I’d love to hear–what are your teacher wardrobe staples? I’d like to do another post for the fall on wardrobe transitions so let me know what you swear by! Thanks for popping by and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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