I’m Starting a Newsletter!

I have to say thank you to Rachel over at @helloherblog for the boost of inspiration I needed to do this! You really never know who you’re reaching out there in Social Media Land and it just goes to show that Instagram can be an amazing place if you’re hanging around accounts that feel humble and real. They’re out there! Rachel is Boston-based and has a beautiful website full of inspiration and recs around travel, fashion, books and more. You can check her out and subscribe to her new newsletter here!

Why Now?

Okay, well, first off, I’ve wanted to create a weekly newsletter for a while. Email blasts haven’t really been my thing so far, and I like the friendly, casual vibe of a newsletter done really thoughtfully. I’ve just never known what to share. Honestly it feels a little intimidating when you don’t have a massive following and brands knocking on your door. Like, what do I say to people? What do I have to offer that matters?

I’ve wanted the newsletter to feel valuable not just for my own creative outlet (though I definitely need that, too) but valuable in a way that makes you feel like you’re being seen and heard and included in something. So while I don’t have tons of discount codes or {any}connections at Sephora, and my blogging is still a part-time passion as I’m a full-time high school English teacher, I can share parts of who I am with you because if you’re here right now, I bet we have some things in common already. I see now that a newsletter is 100% doable and something that I should be sharing! And as Jenna Kutcher always says, “done is better than perfect.”

So what’s in the newsletter, exactly?

Exclusive blog content: These could be exciting updates or posts with surprises just for you in them. I know you don’t want to miss that!

First looks at new free classroom resources and events: I’m creating material for my classes almost daily (nine years into this career and still feels like year one!) and you’ll be some of the first ones to reap the benefits and get access to some of my favorite templates and lesson ideas. When I learn of any conferences or events, I’ll pass the info along to you. You’ll also be able to stay in the loop on all things Joyful Classroom online course info!

Post round-ups: Did you miss something? I’ll shoot over a blurb about my most recent posts so you won’t be out of the loop!

Discount codes and sale notifications: When I do get any promo codes, I’ll share them with you guys! I have one right now from Mellow if you’re in the market for some new makeup that’s vegan and cruelty-free! It’ll be included in your first email from me when you subscribe to the newsletter. I’m also constantly on the hunt for sales and clearances around clothes and home decor so you’ll get notifications of those, too.

Inspiration Segment: Pretty much anything that makes my day brighter, I want to make sure you’re seeing it, too! It could be a person or article that’s inspiring me, a funny story, or style trends that are actually realistic to try out (hello, did you see any of the NYFW stuff…super cool but maybe not really what I want to go to Market Basket dressed in).

Subscribe below and I’ll talk to you very soon!

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1 thought on “I’m Starting a Newsletter!”

  1. I love your outdoor shots. Are you in a park or botanical garden? Kudos to those gardeners! Looks like a great backdrop for wedding photos!


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