On Stillness & Intention

I love the quote “come as you are”, but that’s not always easy to do when we live in a society where we’ve basically been trained to compare ourselves to others. As a result, our measures of success and self-worth become about how we stack up against someone else.

I posted this picture on my Instagram feed today. I took it last summer when Mike and I picked up subs, a couple bottles of water, and a few bags of chips and drove up the New Hampshire seacoast to Odiorne State Park in Rye. We ate our subs sitting on the tailgate of his truck. We (he) skipped rocks and we walked along the rocky water’s edge. The fog was low and thick and made it hard to see very far. And yet, I wanted to take pictures.

Everything felt so still: the water, the boats, even the air. That’s why I noticed.

Nature doesn’t have to shout “Look at me! Look what I can do!” to be seen. To be appreciated. To be respected. To spread hope. To have influence. It just does its thing and it’s more than enough.

In a perfect paradox, the less nature does, the more people are drawn to it. I think that’s because nature leaves so much space for us to find our own place within it. With all that space, we can all feel like we belong there.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I welcome someone into my life when it comes to social media. (I’m enneagram 2.) I don’t think it’s about constantly reminding them that I’m here, but to just be here. To carry on as though no one is present or watching. To share things not because of the potential validation, but because those things are part of me and I’m proud of them. To give them that same space nature gives us to feel like they belong and that there’s space for them.

Maybe we should look to nature for a reset when we’re feeling like our intentions and purposes are getting jumbled or when we’re feeling a little lost or swallowed up in the noise of the comparison game. Creating space can bring people closer to us, ironically enough, and make who we all are a little clearer. Stillness is a powerful thing.

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