How to Design a Beautiful Flower Planter

This has to be the epitome of adulting: getting excited about plants, actually caring about them like they’re your little friends, and getting REALLY upset when they’re being eaten by bugs and critters.

If this is you, welcome!

To start, I know very, very little about plants and flowers. My mom, on the other hand, used to work in a greenhouse and has a lot of expertise and advice. She knows what should be planted where and what kind of soil to buy and which plants compliment each other. It’s awesome for me and I’ve loved watching and learning now that I have my own home.

I’m also lucky that my parents live about two miles down the road, so while we were away in Asheville, my mom made us this flower pot arrangement by the front steps:

I’m a super visual person, but it’s hard for me to conceptualize what I want until I see it. I’m like that with basically everything. I wanted to share what flowers and greens she used and a couple tips when you’re filling your own planter or pot.

1.The flowers with the white blooms and yellow center: Zinnia

2. Tall red/green grass: Japanese Blood Grass (I think!)

3. White little buds on the right and center left: Blushing Princess (They also come in purple)

4. Violet/blue on the far left: Ageratum

5. Green fern plant in the front: Silver Lace Dusty Miller

6. Raspberry pink round flowers back right: Allium

Tips and Ideas for Designing a Flower Planter/Pot:

  • Work in odd numbers–stick to 3, 5, or 7 types of flowers and greens OR whatever number you like but repeat-plant them so there’s an odd number in the pot. Something about this keeps everything looking symmetrical and full.
  • Plant taller and fuller plants at the back.
  • Filler flowers can be used along the whole front perimeter to keep everything looking lush.
  • Vary the “texture” of the plants more so than fixating on color. Pick something short and full like the ageratum, then something more whimsical like the blushing princess, then a leafy plant of any kind like the silver lace dusty miller.
  • Pick a good soil like Miracle Grow as your base. My mom used Miracle Grow Potting Mix here.

The most important thing to remember is that there’s beauty in things that aren’t “perfect” and not to sweat everything being exactly right. Have fun and don’t forget to water your babies!

1 thought on “How to Design a Beautiful Flower Planter”

  1. A note from mom. Remember to fertilize as well. The soil gets “tired”. Just mix miracle grow fertilizer into a watering can or buy the sprayer for your hose. It measures out just the right amount of fertilizer. Try not to water the blooms and leaves. In the real heat it may burn them. They don’t need it anyway, the soil does. Remember, plant sun lovers and shade lovers separately, Plant and be happy!


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