Cider Donuts, Blueberry Picking, and Fresh Flowers at Applecrest Farm

This weekend we had a much needed break in the heat and got to enjoy temps in the low 70s. It might as well have been October in my mind. To take advantage of the weather, my mom and I headed up to the seacoast to Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls, NH. A couple weeks back friends of ours who live in the area had us over for a little cookout and served Applecrest’s raspberry peach cake for dessert and you guys, it was amazing. If for nothing else, I had to get back up there for that cake!

But first, my mom and I picked some fresh blueberries. I’d never done this and talk about such a simple pleasure. Applecrest also has pick-you-own peaches, raspberries, and apples (naturally) depending on the time of year. It was just under 8 dollars for the tub of blueberries and that’s a flat rate so fill it up as much as you can!

After filling up on blueberries, we headed back up to the main marketplace where you can buy everything from fresh produce to jam to pastries.

Grabbed half a dozen, of course.

We’d spotted a sign that you could cut your own fresh flowers so that was definitely next on the agenda. They charge 50 cents a flower up to 10 and 75 cents for a dozen or more. You swap your driver’s license or ID at the register and they hand you a woven basket and shears to go snipping away.

Such vibrant colors for fall! These are various strains of zinnias.

Such a simple way to spend a Saturday morning and if you’re local-ish, I highly recommend a trip. I’ll be keeping my eye on when pumpkin and apple picking start and will keep you updated here!

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