Products to Care for Natural Nails

Links for the nail care items pictured or similar are in the post below! Cloth napkins: Crate and Barrel last year (similar); small glass vases: Crate and Barrel (similar); Faux eucalyptus stems: Target; low wicker tray similar; Jute placemat similar; Yankee Candle in Apple Cinnamon Cider but found it at Christmas Tree Shoppe and must be from last year. Original Apple Cider scent linked here.

The biggest problem I have with painting my nails is that as soon as I see a tiny chip, it’s all downhill from there. I’ll pick it off until it looks terrible and eventually remove it. My nails are on the thinner side and I also grew up as a chronic nail biter, so having something on my nails always helps me leave them be.

A couple years ago I started trying to take better care of my nails without relying on polish and found a couple products and a little ritual has helped me nurture them to be stronger and longer.

Here are the products I use for my nail care ritual in order:

  1. A nail care kit with a nail buffer, nail file, and cuticle pusher: I love that the nail buffer cube has different purposes for each side. If you have frail or peeling nails that crack or have divets in them, this little guy is really good at smoothing all that out gently.
  2. Cuticle oil or cream: softens and hydrates nail beds. I think this has made the biggest difference in the health of my nails.
  3. Sally Hansen growth treatment: applies like a top coat but less glossy, and dries with a slight sheen similar to a nail hardener. Lasts at least a week or two before fading away/growing out enough to start over.

It’s more of a splurge, but this is the actual nail care set that I got for Christmas a couple years ago that helped me get started caring for my nails. It includes the buffer, a mineral hand cream, cuticle oil, and nail file.

Are you a nail polish or natural nails person? For my nail polish lovers, check out Cote and Zoya for cleaner options made without toxins and formaldehyde. How pretty is this Zoya color for fall?

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