Beautycounter Summer 2021

Popping on over here to share two Beautycounter updates. There’s more to come the first week in August so I’ll update this post again then.

On The Road Again: A Free Event with Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew

This one’s time sensitive and space is limited, so if you’re interested in attending email me at and I’ll forward you the invite!

Whether you’re interested in clean beauty, the business opportunity with Beautycounter, or just want a night out in the city, the CEO of Beautycounter, Gregg Renfew will be at The State Room in Boston on Monday, August 2nd from 6:30-8:30. Drinks and light apps will be served and I’ve heard Gregg is a really amazing public speaker. I’m so excited for this!!

New Launch Today: Lid Glow Cream Eyeshadows ($24)

You might remember back when the 2020 Holiday sets rolled around and the obsession I had with those cream eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows (and cream products in general) are my favorite type to use. They’re impossible to mess up and can be applied quickly with just fingers. I love a natural, lived in, effortless look and these help achieve that so perfectly. When I found out months ago that these were coming I got real excited but didn’t know the details about color, pricing, formulation, etc until very recently. Read on to learn more!

So, what is it?

Lid Glow Cream Eyeshadows are lid-loving, buildable, quick-drying cream eyeshadows designed not to crease. It’s available in 10 shades, ranging from shimmery neutrals to bolder toners giving me both end of summer and cooler weather vibes.

I loveeee haze and dusk!

What’s in it?

Cucumber and chamomile extracts plus coconut and shea butter are the stars that make this cream eyeshadow nourishing on the eyes. It’s also formulated with responsibly sourced mica for a light-catching shimmer that’s never chunky or glittery.

Why is it safer?

Every batch of this product is rigorously tested for heavy metals which are contaminants that are usually not intentionally added to beauty products yet often wind up in them because most companies don’t screen throughout the formulation process. While there are 65 colorants approved for use in the U.S., Beautycounter restricts their list down to just 18. This product is packaged in a glass bottle, preventing an estimated 100,000 plastic bottles from being added to landfills this year alone. An estimated 70% of the plastic in this product (like the lid) is made of post-consumer recycled resin.

On a personal note…

This new launch feels special for all these small yet impactful and important decisions made from the formulation to the bottle we keep on our vanities. What’s becoming more and more important to me are all the actions and choices made behind the scenes that are in the best interest of our health. It isn’t just about lipstick and moisturizer, and it feels good to know it isn’t just that to Beautycounter, either.

Discounted Band of Beauty Enrollment for Two Days Only

From July 28th-29th only, you can enroll in the Band of Beauty membership program or re-up your current membership for $19 instead of the usual $29. New to BOB? Band of Beauty is an annual membership with no auto-renewal or hidden fines or fees. Just search “Band of Beauty” on the Beautycounter site and add to cart or click here.

Enrolling is a great idea especially since members are getting early access to the product launching the first week in August that I mentioned at the beginning of my post. This next product will be available to the public on August 3rd, but BOB members can shop it starting August 2nd. Here’s some more info:

*Free gift when you spend $50

Thanks for reading!

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