What It Means to “Deserve”

I didn’t want to work out this morning. On the weekend when Will naps, I run through The List and try to decide what to do in what order: work out, eat, dishes, shower, rest? Eat, dishes, shower, makeup, tv? Rest, read, shower, laundry, eat? Typically, rest wins and everything else gets dropped for the most part until he goes to bed.

But I unrolled my yoga mat and put on my Tone It Up app today because I know I feel so much more centered and in control when I take the time to move my body, even if it’s just to stretch. Regardless of how the rest of the day goes, I can breathe a little easier because I gave that to myself.

So I was thinking about what it means to “deserve” something and in what way the meaning of that has changed since I became a parent. I told myself this morning that I deserve to exercise because my body and mind deserve that attention and, as corny as it sounds, love.

Giving myself what I deserve is now is essential to managing how I feel as a mom, wife, friend, teacher, etc, whereas before Will it was more of a check-list of self care for the sake of having it. Especially when things get really stressful, it’s necessary that I find that time and space to care for myself. It doesn’t happen every day and that’s okay, but I feel in some way brought back to myself when I do.

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