Tips for Having a Toddler at a Wedding

Exhibit 1: Having a toddler at a wedding

This past Sunday my brother-in-law got married at the beautiful Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, Rhode Island. It was such a special day to see him marry Katie and to hear my husband, Mike, make such a heartfelt best man speech.

The Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, RI

The day had no shortage of chaos; William was one of the two ring bearers and wrangling a toddler to do pretty much anything is very stressful. However, going through the experience left me with some advice I want to share for anyone else who might be preparing to have a toddler at a wedding.

William and my dad at the cocktail hour
  1. Lower All Expectations

I really wanted the day to go a certain way and even though I felt like I lowered my expectations going into the wedding, I was still frazzled at the church when Will refused to go down the aisle and had a melt down. If someone has asked a toddler to be in their wedding, it’s safe to say they already know that all bets are off. Take that pressure off your shoulders.

Me and my MIL. My dress is linked here from Abercrombie (currently on sale under $50) and I felt so beautiful in it.

2. Bring Snacks, Toys, and a Stroller if Possible

I was fortunate to have my parents at the wedding to lend helping hands. My mom had a cooler bag packed with cubed cheese, crackers, and fruit for Will to eat during cocktail hour and into dinner. It helped us keep him stationary for a few minutes at a time–just enough for me to drink a couple glasses of champagne. She also packed his toy trucks which was almost pointless since he had the best time sitting in the dirt playing with rocks with his cousin for 45 minutes during the first dance and toasts. I drove my own car to the venue, so I had the stroller available to take Will for a walk and help him calm down and have some quiet during the noise of cocktail hour.

3. Have the Bed Time Set Up Pre-Organized

Before leaving the hotel I laid out William’s changing pad, overnight diaper, wipes, and pajamas where I could easily access them. He was exhausted by the time we got back to the room, so this made for a quick change into jammies and transition into his travel play pen for the night.

I hope this is helpful for anyone planning to have a toddler at a wedding or any other event. Thanks for reading!

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