When I look back a year from now

A few weeks ago in my Instagram stories I asked people to share what they’ll be proud of themselves for when they look back a year from now. Today I’m sharing my thoughts behind the question and your responses. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

I asked this question because when you’re really in it–that is, in survival mode– it’s really hard to find the space to give ourselves grace. The idea of being proud of ourselves might even seem ridiculous. I find that this is especially true when we think we should be doing better at something. In terms of parenting, I’m thinking about navigating sleep regressions with toddlers. In terms of teaching, I’m thinking about balancing grading, lesson planning, communicating with families, supporting students, and somehow still having a life.

So this is me tapping you on the shoulder to remind you: a year from now you’ll look back in awe of how you made it.

Here were your responses:

A year from now, I’ll look back and be proud

For turning my passion project into something bigger!

For doing my best and knowing it’s enough! Making the most out of these crazy, chaotic days.

That I made a right choice for myself career wise regardless of what other people might think.

I survived with two kids under 2.5 years old.

Being the strength my family needed after my father passed.

2022 was the hardest year of my life, but I’m here and I made it through in one piece.

Thank you again for sharing your reflections with me and for being here reading. As always you can find me over on Instagram at @cobbleandbrick. Have a wonderful, restful weekend.

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