Allergy-Safe Snacks and Swaps

This past fall we learned that Will is severely allergic to tree nuts, sesame, dog, and peanuts. We’ve gone through a pretty intense lifestyle overhaul since then, and the food we keep in the house was something we needed to address immediately. Given the severity of his allergies, we also shop from facilities that are also tree nut-free, and everything I’m sharing below falls into that category.

Thankfully, there are many safe alternatives out there now, and Will’s basically been able to keep eating “normal” food. It just takes a little more planning and thought ahead of time. My friend Molly told me about Thrive Market a couple months ago, which, if you’re not familiar, is an online market/grocery store where you can shop based on dietary needs, restrictions, and preferences. You can also just plain old grocery shop, too. There’s an annual membership free, but other than that, everything on the site is at discount. If you want to give Thrive a shot, here’s a link for 40% off your first order. You can change your auto-ship date, pause a delivery, or cancel anytime.

Today I want to share a few snacks and items we’ve been ordering and reordering that have been a hit in our house.

  1. Anything by Enjoy Life. Will loves all their cookies and their maple fig breakfast bars are delicious.
  2. Anything from Partake, but especially this pancake and waffle mix.
  3. Jovial flour, pasta, and jarred tomatoes. I use their flour to make pancakes when we run out of the Partake mix.

Whether you’ve been in the food allergy club for a while or if you’re newer, like us, I just want to say hi and let you know that you’re not alone in this process. It can be terrifying and overwhelming, and to some degree it always will be, so it’s nice to know that you have people to connect with over it.

As always, you can connect with me over on Instagram at @cobbleandbrick and I hope you’ll say hello. Thanks for reading!

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