About Me

Hey guys! I’m Laura. Welcome to Cobble&Brick, a lifestyle blog where I share about all the things that bring joy to my life: teaching, work-life balance, recipes (I’m currently trying to eat more plant-based!), home decor, fashion, skin care, and more.

I live in New Hampshire in a yellow Cape-Cod house with my very tall husband, Mike, and teach high school English in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I love cities and coffee and crafting and helping students and the people around me believe in themselves.

My ideal Saturday looks something like waking up early, brewing coffee, lounging on the couch watching Food Network, doing a little antiquing with my mom, then being home just hanging out or meeting up with friends later for drinks.

My favorite alcoholic beverage is a dirty martini tied with a spicy margarita. I could live on chips and guac but drinking green juices makes me feel better about my life. I love barre classes and have an obsession with jeans.

The hardest experience I’ve had professionally was burning out when I was teaching in Brooklyn, New York, and resigning mid-year. It took a really long time to stop seeing myself as weak or a disappointment to myself and others after that, but in retrospect it was probably the smartest decision I ever made as a teacher. If you’re interested, you can read a little more about that experience in my post here.

I design HappySoul Mugs (which came to me one day as I was driving around the New Hampshire seacoast thinking about life, what else is new?) and online classes for teachers that touch on all the things I wish I knew and had sooner in my career, like how to plan a class for the first time, how to structure the first five minutes of class so the rest of the time is productive, how to have restorative conversations with kids after a hard class, etc.

I just became a consultant for the clean skincare and beauty company, Beautycounter! You can learn more about why I decided to join this company in my post here!

The Countertime Anti-Aging regimen includes 5-6 products depending on the one you choose. I’m holding the cleansing oil and the antioxidant soft day cream.

I’m so glad you’re here!