24 Hours in NYC: A Love Story

If you are going somewhere for only 24 hours, it must be a place you love or think you’ll love.

That’s New York City for me.

The lounge at the Gramercy Hotel: 23rd and 3rd

In today’s post, I’m sharing our very quick trip to NYC–where we stayed, what we ate, and how to make the most of your time in this incredible city.

Where we stayed: The Gramercy Hotel

What’s to like:

  1. The price: Our room was $120.00 for a Saturday night booked about two weeks in advance.
  2. The location: Whether you’ve been to the city a hundred times or never, this hotel is located in Midtown, an easy and central location to get just about anywhere fast. Around every corner is a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and place to get your nails done for $15 bucks.

Where we ate and drank:

  1. The Taproom No.307: The bartender was really friendly! After five minutes staring at the drink menu, he poured me a sample of an IPA and got my taste right! If you go on a weekend, bottomless brunch is $25 if you order an entree. And let’s be serious, who doesn’t like to eat when they’re drinking anyway? Oh, and they have all their beers in cans to go.
  2. Wagamama: Get the chili chicken ramen.
  3. Pick-a-Bagel: A dozen cream cheese spreads and the softest, chewiest bagels ever. I got the sesame seed with scallion cream cheese.
  4. Roberta’s Pizza: A gem in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Ah-mazing pizza in a laid-back, industrial-hipster-y atmosphere. Our favorite pizza is the Bee Sting–a perfect combination of spicy and sweet. We also tried something new called Nduja, a Calabrian spicy spreadable salami with crusty bread.
Nduja…snapped a picture before we inhaled the entire thing in five minutes.

Mike and his to-go can
In the city for one day, but ate here twice.
I wish we had spots like this in Salem!

Where we went

  1. Union Square: Every weekend there’s an open-air farmers’ market in the park. You can find fresh cider, produce, beer and whiskey, flowers, cheeses, and other hand-crafted goods. I was struck by these beautiful dried flowers!

2. Bryant Park: In the warmer months there’s yoga, music, and performances. When Mike and I passed by, it was a FrostFest (running until February 3rd) with Bagg-O, ice skating, a pop-up bar and food vendors, and the coolest thing…

IGLOOS! You can rent them for a 90-minute session, but it’ll cost you! A ticket for 4 people is $250, but doesn’t include any food or drinks. If you’re really up for YOLOing it, get 7 of your friends to go in on the $500 ticket which will get you a pitcher or beer or mulled wine, cheese board, and marshmallow roasting kit.

So good to be back in this city with this guy!
Pop-up bar and food vendors, and the best part, twinkle lights!

The trip was so quick, and it was both tiring and rejuvenating! If you’ve never been to New York or you’ve been thinking about going back but don’t think you’ll have “enough time”, all you really need is 24 hours. It’s all about how you spend it.

Thanks so much for reading!

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