Clean Beauty Review

Reviewing some new products today! My bare skin after cleansing, exfoliating, toning and applying oils and serums! It’s also noon and too hot to get dressed so I’m still in pjs.

Welcome back!

Going “clean” has become a massive trend and phenomenon lately. It’s everywhere from eating clean, dressing clean (by wearing sustainable and ethically produced clothing), and certainly going clean in terms of what we put on our skin every day. By definition, clean beauty is, “mindfully created and produced without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Clean Beauty products include ingredients ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind” (The Clean Beauty Box).

Broad, I know. The great thing about this wide definition, though, is that there’s room for so many more companies to get on board with producing clean or clean-ER products for us!

As I get older and think more and more about taking care of my skin, that doesn’t just mean wearing moisturizer with SPF in it anymore. Maybe you’re in the same boat? I’m looking for companies that feel a sense of responsibility to do right by their customers by eliminating potentially harmful ingredients. And the list, my friends, is looooong. Take a look at this list of restricted ingredients as one example! I can’t even pronounce 3/4 of them.

So today I’m sharing with you some of the newest clean skin care products I picked up from a couple weeks ago and how my skin is taking to them. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to give some of the products a try! Read on to find out more!

My skin just after washing and exfoliating. It becomes dry and tight almost immediately.

STEP 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate

Currently, I’m washing my face day and night with these two. I know exfoliating every day can be a lot on some peoples’ skin types, so I’d recommend just using it at night although this formula is very gentle and smells like a lavender spa day. I’ve talked about PCA a bunch in the past. It’s the line that transformed the texture of my skin the most dramatically and I swear by this exfoliant. The Indie Lee brightening cleanser is lovely with very little lather/bubbles which only dries our skin out.

STEP 2: Tone

I spritz 1-2 cotton balls damp with this toner to wipe away any leftover makeup and to make my skin feel totally fresh. It smells light and refreshing and I always end up wanting to use excessive amounts. Is anyone else like that with their skin products!? It dries immediately and then my skin is craving moisture ASAP.

Step 3: Oil

Guys. Have you heard of squalane oil? It’s an anti-inflammatory, skin-balancing oil that tons of companies make now. If you have dry skin in particular, you’ve gotta pick this up. I use 5-6 drops at night and 1-2 during the day and pat it gently into my face, especially under my eyes. It makes my skin feel really soft and dewey like I don’t need any serums or moisturizer afterwards. This one by Indie Lee is scentless, if that’s important to you!

Step 4: Serums

Right now since I’m trying out the squalane oil, I’m only using this serum from PCA. It’s amazing for smoothing out fine lines and it seriously works better than I hoped it would. Every morning and night I take a pea-sized amount and push the serum between my eyebrows where frown lines live, and into my forehead. I use another pea-sized amount and massage it into my smile lines. I take my time and spend a few minutes here to really work the product in!

Step 5: Sunscreen (DON’T SKIP IT!)

First thing I noticed about this product: it smells like grass and leather. Sooo if that’s not something you’re into skip on past this one but if you’re down for the smell combo, keep reading. I like this natural SPF because it’s designed for the face, and it wears like a light-weight oil. You shake it for a few minutes and only need one pump for your whole face. I warm it up in my hands before applying; the warmth helps the product melt into my skin. I actually don’t use any moisturizer after this product and my skin feels hydrated throughout the day.

Step 6: A little extra because why not?

Okay guys so honestly, this product by Cocoakind is my MVP and I was super skeptical because I’m not one of these matcha-obsessed people. But this stuff is no joke AND the most affordable (under 10 bucks!) out of everything I shared here. Lightly scented like cocoa butter, not sticky, super smooth, it goes on like a clear, silky balm under my eyes. I just pat it in and go. I just stuck it in the fridge to see how it takes to the cool temps. I also have been massaging it into my cuticles at night and in the morning.

Snapped this picture in my car the other day to show the intense levels of hydration this skin care routine is giving me! Since my skin is dry, all that extra moisture and oil absorbs quickly, especially if I end up wearing makeup. Most of the time I just go without and live my best greased up life.

Have you used any of these products before? If you do, would you share it to your stories on Instagram and tag me (@cobbleandbrick) so I can see? 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! Coming later this week: the five things you actually need in your classroom for the first day of school, my favorite Etsy vendors, and my fave back to school picks for teacher clothes (hello sales everywhere).

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