3 Ways to Save Money While on Vacation



I was laughing to myself this morning thinking about the trip to southern California Mike and I made to visit our friends Jackie and Joe earlier this month because my last post opened with a line about being on an “extra strict budget these days”.

It’s not that this isn’t true, but hey, I’m a millennial and we are notoriously terrible at handling our money.

But I insist: there are ways to save money while on vacation, or at least not spend hundreds of extra dollars you wouldn’t have spent while at home. Read on!

  1. Use Groupon or LivingSocial, even if you’re staying with friends in the area you’re visiting. Jackie used Groupon for this deal in Newport Beach, and it was the perfect start to a sunny California vacation! The best part? We brought own snacks and drinks and played music through the boat’s speaker system.

IMG_2489From left to right: Lisa, Dave, and Jackie

2. Pick a night or morning to hang in, play games, and cook instead of going out. I tend to feel obligated to go out a ton when I’m on vacation, but there’s something comforting about lounging at someone’s house (or your hotel!). Eating at home is always cheaper than eating out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the weather or scenery. And after all, isn’t the whole point of visiting friends to simply be together?


We kicked off Easter Sunday morning with pjs, coffees and chess, then made our way outside for a homemade brunch.


Clockwise: James, Joe, Jackie, Lisa, Dave (the master chef and steak griller), me, Mike

3. Happy Hour = Dinner. If you are going to eat out for dinner, I recommend indulging in happy hour deals. Nearly every city these days is crammed with restaurants and bars that participate, unless you’re Boston, Massachusetts which has a law against lowering the cost of alcohol for happy hour. So until they get it together, here are some of my favorite happy hours in NYC that are sure to fill you up just as much as a full-priced meal.

  1. Beso: One of mine and Mike’s neighborhood favorites. $5 tapas (get the papas bravas and chipotle chicken tacos), buy one get one free margaritas and house wine.
  2. Alligator Lounge: free slice of pizza (including toppings!)  with every drink. Just, yes.
  3. Soda Bar:  cheap drinks, $6 burgers and and heaping piles of crispy french fries.

Thanks so much for reading!

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