My Night Sipping Wine and Learning Calligraphy!

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How cozy is this place, though!? It’s called Coffee and Cotton. Plus I won the whole bag of calligraphy goodies to give away to a lucky subscriber this week! Sign up at the bottom of today’s post to be entered before 11/8!

I’ve always been into crafting. My birthday parties growing up included many a sleepover beginning with some kind of DIY: picture frames, ornaments…basically anything you could create with a glue gun, glitter, and a lot of parental supervision. I know I get this love of crafting from my mom. She’s always had a talent for the arts and an eye for the small details around her, and I’ve come to really appreciate that about myself as an adult now. I’m an enneargram type 2, The Giver, so I often gravitate towards things I can make for others. So when I came across the company Sip and Script online looking for a night out around crafting, I signed up immediately!

Mill No.5 in Lowell, MA

For anyone living in the Merrimack Valley area, you HAVE to check out Coffee and Cotton on the 4th floor of the Mill #No. 5 building in Lowell. My calligraphy event was at night so I didn’t snap any pictures, but it’s a beautiful industrial building converted into a home for pop-up shops and a movie theater! Coffee and Cotton is about halfway down the “street”, and with its warm Edison bulb lighting, glossy wooden bar, and bookshelves stocked with board games, it was easy to see why the place was bustling even on a rainy Monday night.

My cousin Jess and I ended up being the only two students in the class that night which was an expected surprise! Our class was from 6:30-8 in a room tucked in the back. Our teacher was Molly and she was so kind and patient and talented. Check her out on Instagram @mollygracemakes. Her feed is lovely and she’s always storying really cute ideas around calligraphy. So we ended up chatting a lot about skin care (of all things) since Jess is an esthetician with PCA while sipping on wine and beer and while I got ink all over myself #leftyproblems. Molly taught us how to use different nibs for different effects when writing calligraphy and the basics of how to use the pen correctly.

A peek at Molly’s work! (@mollygracemakes)

The whole night was so relaxing and I was seriously so proud of myself for doing something like this on a school night. You guys know how easy it is to back out of week night plans, but I recommend giving a week night outing a try sometime this fall. Sip and Script hosts events similar to this one all over the country–you can search their site by state and go from there! They also offer brush lettering lessons which I’m interested in trying out next.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. If you’re interested in winning the giveaway including one of my HappySoul mugs and the calligraphy goodies from this night, subscribe below. Talk to you soon!

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